Expertin Anke Schönfeld

Anke Schönfeld

Vice President Sales | TELUS International

"Customer care is more than just support, it¿s about making connections that last and inspiring customers to love and share your brand. The CCW provides an excellent basis to talk about the current trends and latest innovations in the customer service industry with experts and potential business partners. Important topics such as total experience management, hybrid working models or AI solutions, at the CCW you get exactly the inspiration it takes to create a lasting customer experience for your brand."

As Vice President Sales, Anke Schönfeld is responsible for new customer business and growth with existing business partners at TELUS International Northern Europe. After many years of experience in business development, sales and key account management, she moved to her current position at the beginning of 2022. With her team, she develops CX solutions for international brands of leading industries.

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