Innovative Minds Wanted in the Service – apply now for the European Customer Champion (EUROCC)

As part of CCW 2024, the international conference & trade show for innovative customer dialogue, the European Customer Champion - EUROCC for short - will be awarded for the third time. The award replaces the Cat Award, which was presented until 2021, and offers plenty of scope for groundbreaking projects - including outside the DACH region. We are therefore looking forward to applications from all over Europe!

The expert jury will continue to sift through all applications received. Afterwards, six selected applicants will be given the opportunity of a live pitch on the large CCW stage – increasing your chances of winning! In addition to the jury, the audience will now also evaluate the six nominees. This means that you can once again highlight the aspects of your project that are particularly important to you at the venue, and convince another member of the jury.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about your application for the title “European Customer Champion”. Take this opportunity and use your application to promote your customer service and advance your own career!

Innovative Minds Wanted – your Requirements for an Application

Are you a service manager, contact centre manager or an executive in charge of a customer-focused project? Then you have already fulfilled the first requirement for applying for the title “European Customer Champion”. Do you also manage - alone or with your team - a project that makes a valuable contribution to innovative customer dialogue? Then the second requirement is also fulfilled and you can apply!

Your focus and possible examples for such a project could be:

Focus on employees:

  • Realisation of an extraordinary personnel development concept
  • Successful implementation of New Work concepts

Focus on organisation:

  • Comprehensive restructuring measure
  • A successful change management process

Focus on customers:

  • Innovative customer service campaign
  • Measure to increase quality, accessibility and customer satisfaction

Focus on digitalisation and artificial intelligence:

  • A digital transformation project
  • The successful introduction of an AI solution
  • Further development of an AI solution

From your Application to the Title – your Path to becoming a European Customer Champion

Interested service managers, contact centre managers or executives who are in charge of a customer-focused project can apply with their project - and this is how it works:

Submit a brief description of your project and the results achieved. Supplement this with the completed personal information form - you are already in the applicant pool.

Convince in the video call. All submitted projects will be examined and evaluated by the expert jury, consisting of DACH associations and previous winners, among others. To this end, the jury will clarify any outstanding questions via a virtual interview.

Be confident - the jury will then nominate the six most promising projects for the live presentation on the large CCW stage.

Shine on the stage. If you are one of the six lucky nominees, present your innovative project to the CCW audience at the end of the first day of the congress.

Cross your fingers - the audience will then vote on their favourites. The 3 best projects according to the jury and audience rating will be awarded the title “European Customer Champion” in their subject area at the end of the congress day.

Be pleased about your award and receive your prize and certificate.

1 Title, but 3 Prizes – your Win as a European Customer Champion

In addition to the actual title and the knowledge that your project is contributing to an innovative and sustainable customer dialogue, you will be rewarded three times over:

1. Exclusive participation in a management seminar:
As the project manager, you and the other winners will be invited to a management seminar by Management Circle - so that you can become even better.

2. Attractive contribution to your team event:
You and your project team will receive an amount in support of your next team event - so that you can develop further innovative projects with good team building.

3. Your company will receive a certificate that matches your award:
You can integrate the certificate on your website, for example - so that your customers can see how much you are committed to them.

New Award, new Luck – your Inspiration for the Application

The European Customer Champion Award focuses on innovations - for example, the introduction of an AI solution or a digitalisation project. We all need this more urgently than ever, which is why we are very happy to support this award!

Martin Wild, Shareholder & CEO, SOGEDES GmbH

It's an honor for Kiamo to be able to support the European Customer Champion as a sponsor. Extending the award to Europe will promote even more innovative projects in Contact Center area.

Antoine DOUMENC, VP Sales & Partner Success, Kiamo

I am pleased about the changed participation rules! I expect that this will lead to us seeing exciting projects from all over Europe on stage and that the award will become considerably more diverse!

Matthias Schmidt, Sales Manager SMEs & Strategic Partners, GmbH, Cat Digital Winner

Apply now – your Chance to win the Title "European Customer Champion"

You can apply for the European Customer Champion - EUROCC for short - from now until 30 November 2023. The best way to do this is to use the online application form, which you can access via the following link:

Alternatively, you can also apply directly to the Award Chair Meike Tarabori by e-mail. Please send your application to the following address:

Meike Tarabori
Chief Editor Magazin



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