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Our services include: 

  1. Product selection: We have hundreds of formats in our program due to our history. And customizing a format to meet customer needs - for example, because the weight is a little too high - only takes us a few hours/days.
  2. Product design: We are happy to assist with product design. Since our employees have been working with the formats for years, this also usually results in short lead times.
  3. Production: We manufacture completely domestically.  
  4. Materials: As far as possible, we use recycled material as raw material. The quality is now so good that no difference is noticeable.
  5. Ecology: The electricity for our machines as well as the heating comes from the roof and alternatively from the Black Forest (water and wind power). Thus we have already said goodbye to any CO2 production years ago.
  6. Mail delivery: On request, we are happy to take over the delivery in the nearby postal center Offenburg.
  7. One-stop solution at fides promotion: Thanks to the one-stop solution at fides promotion, our customers benefit from short lead times combined with attractive prices.

And you get products stand up to any comparison when it comes to environmental friendliness!

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