As Exhibitor on the Digital CCW

Special situations open up new possibilities and lead to new ideas. Look forward to a content-based, interactive and modern platform. A digital CCW meeting point for knowledge transfer, product presentation, virtual networking and lead generation for the optimal benefit of visitors, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

In short; We also digitally bring together the right content, people and companies with the right providers.


In this way, we are vastly expanding the range and possibilities for everyone. Especially for you. Designed for the digital transformation of your sales and marketing activities around the CCW, the digital platform also enables you to create completely new activities with visitors on site.


To extend the reach of the CCW 2022, the digital CCW platform will also be available live one week after the physical CCW and all content will be available on demand. The CCW 2022 becomes an even more modern B2B platform.


Lead generation
For the first time, you have the opportunity to collect real leads through lectures. In addition, your content is offered in the newsroom in the form of blog articles, videos or white papers, which gives you another way to collect leads.

The digital match-maker links interesting people and companies based on the interests of the respective participants. Match Making supports networking by automatically suggesting people!

Company Space
Each exhibitor presents himself and his content in his own company space. Images, logo and company data can be customized. Make your content so attractive that it’s one of the most read.

Get in Touch
Take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with interested parties directly. The chat function is integrated with all visitors and participants, in addition, the appointment request for the video chat is connected to the digital contact persons of the exhibitors.

The digital platform is browser-based and device-independent. It works on all common devices and can also be used by visitors and exhibitors on site: A lot of new possibilities and proven functionalities are guaranteed! Against this background, the CCW app and the trade show catalogue are no longer necessary.

Hybrid - CCWberlin and CCWdigital