Visit the industry’s premier event: Live in Berlin – digital worldwide!

We will not simply be virtually recreating the physical CCW. You can look forward to a content-based, interactive and modern platform. That means combining a live event in Berlin and a digital event worldwide.

CCW 2022 – Live and on demand!

The lectures of the two main conference days as well as all trade fair lectures can be followed for the first time via live streaming. The Innovation Day and the Inspiration Day lectures will not be streamed.

The digital trade fair visit is of course included in the conference ticket. To extend the reach of CCW 2022, the digital CCW platform will also be available for one week after the live physical CCW and all content will be available on demand. The CCW 2022 has become an even more modern B2B platform, regardless of how you want to experience it – live in Berlin or digitally worldwide.


Create your personal CCW
Individual lectures can be highlighted by participants and they will then be included in their personal trade fair and conference programme plan, which includes an email reminder feature.

Match-Making: Get connected!
The digital matchmaker connects participants and companies based on their interests. Matchmaking supports networking with automatic suggestions. Of course, all users on the digital platform can chat with each other – visitors with exhibitors and vice versa, as well as visitors with each other.

Learn something new today
All CCW 2022  lecture formats (main conference days and trade fair) will be streamed live and made available on demand for one week after the CCW. Opening the chat feature in each live stream will offer a space for questions and answers.

Meet the right company
Each exhibitor and sponsor will be presented in its own “Company Space”, which includes a logo, profile, digital contacts, and attractive content. Exhibitors and participants have the option of making appointments, chatting or making video calls.

Any Device
Browser-based, without downloading apps or code: Our platform can be used on all devices!

Hybrid - CCWberlin and CCWdigital

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