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Together we ensure for a secure CCW

Together with experts for all relevant areas, as well as in cooperation with ECC Berlin, we have developed a guideline, under the observance of which CCW 2022 is safely feasible in the context of COVID-19.

The concept is based on the following principles: Hygiene-Distance-Protection-Contact tracking


  • Increased number of disinfection dispensers in all public and sanitary areas
  • Increased cleaning intervals in high-traffic areas and at contact points (e.g., sanitary facilities, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons)
  • Visitor navigation with open or touch-free passable doors
  • Adaptation of the catering offer to the applicable distance and hygiene standards


  • Please ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained at all times
  • Seating plans take into account the currently valid safety distance
  • The formation of queues is made safe through the use of access guidance and/or distance markings
  • All aisles (movement areas) in the exhibition halls are widened to at least 4 m to maintain the spacing rules
  • Entrances and exits are clearly visible and marked


  • Obligation to wear a medical mouth-nose protection depending on the requirements of the authorities
  • Air conditioning with 100% fresh air supply in all event rooms
  • Installation of partition walls/acrylic glass panels in high-traffic areas
  • Self service counters in the check-in area
  • Use of card terminals to avoid cash payments as far as possible
  • Additional security personnel to ensure compliance with applicable regulations

Contact tracking

  • There is a DSGVO compliant full registration
  • Tickets are personal and may not be transferred
  • Entrance and exit are scanned electronically and separately

You are welcome to download our complete hygiene and safety concept for CCW 2022 below:

The measures described are based on the current state of knowledge and can be adapted at any time depending on developments and changes in legal requirements. Of course, we hope that the pandemic situation will improve by the time of the CCW. We will inform you about any adjustments in due time.

Management Circle AG | Status: February 12, 2021

For questions about our hygiene and safety concept


Do you have any questions about the hygiene and safety concept of the CCW 2022? Then please feel free to contact our hotlines personally at

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