Eric Esguerra

Eric Esguerra

Vice President, Customer Service & Operations

Miele, Canada

Combined with his current role at Miele, Eric also sits on the board of Directors for CSPN. Eric has an extensive amount of experience in Contact Centre, 3rd party and onshore vendor management. Alongside Call Centre operations, Eric is also accountable for the management of escalation departments, offline processes, e-care solutions, national call centre consolidation, multi-product services, upselling / cross selling and re-defining the consumer experience. Alongside his daily responsibilities, Eric is a member of Miele’s International Service team. Their focus is to identify, streamline and share global best practices, new start developments and promote service excellence.


Eric’s passion for being a customer advocate is evident in his loyalty to the industry over the past two decades.  His favourite motto being “The Customer Experience is Paramount and must be the driving force to any organization” has been a key focus for his success thus far.

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Eric Esguerra | Miele, Canada