Marcin Kupczak

Director Customer Service (Global)

Flixbus – FlixMobility Experience GmbH

“Customer Service of the future is the entirely seamless experience for consumers, getting the expected support with minimum effort and smart engagement of human resources. No matter what technology runs underneath, Customer Support in all its touchpoints should be easy to comprehend and unified. It means switching form presuming customers’ expectations to truly understanding them, hence, a fundamental change for many of the companies.”

Marcin Kupczak is the Head of Customer Service at Flixbus, together with his team innovating and delivering international Customer support in almost 20 languages. During more than 10 years of his career in financial, media broadcasting and medical industries within the groups like BNP Paribas, Canal+ International and Medicover, he was responsible for creating and restructuring financially efficient units of remote Customer Service and Customer Experience.

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Marcin Kupczak | Flixbus – FlixMobility Experience GmbH

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