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We will be happy to help you.

For visitors:

Stephan Wolf
Customer Service
Phone: +49 6196 4722-800
E-Mail: kundenservice@managementcircle.de

For exhibitors:

Elena Döringer
Project Manager Sales CCW
Phone: +49 6196 4722-681
E-Mail: elena.doeringer@managementcircle.de

Lara-Marie Rose
Project Manager Sales CCW
Phone: +49 6196 4722-679
E-Mail: laramarie.rose@managementcircle.de

What exactly does “hybrid CCW” mean? What is the concept for that?

The hybrid CCW is a combination or networking of a live event in Berlin and a digital event worldwide. We are offering our visitors both formats and are thus creating a network between #CCWberlin and #CCWdigital. The hybrid CCW combines and brings together the best of both worlds. This is enabling us to enormously expand the reach and options for attendees, exhibitors and partners.

Specifically, the hybrid CCW means:

  • The Matchmaker is the brain of the digital CCW platform. It works in a similar way to a business dating platform. The digital CCW is an intelligent networking tool that brings visitors, depending on their interest profile, together with each other and with exhibitors or partners and their respective product ranges. Depending on how precisely interest and offer match up, this will lead to a Top Match, Good Match, or Match. In addition to networking all visitors and exhibitors, including appointment arrangements, direct digital exchanges are also possible using text and video chats.
  • Virtuallyall the content, lectures, exhibitors and people at the CCW will be present both physically and digitally. Presentations from all fair days and the two main conference days (29 and 30 June 2021) can be viewed via live streams or promptly on demand. The recordings will still be available digitally on the platform for up to a week after the event ends.
  • All presentations from the trade fair and conference and interesting content with blogs or podcasts etc., can be filtered using a search content tool. Everyone can put together their own personal CCW programme and individual content according to their interests. Automated reminder emails direct visitors to the lectures they have selected in their personal agenda.
  • The platform is browser-based and device-independent. It works on all common devices. That means that it can also be used by visitors and exhibitors on site, offering a host of new options alongside tried-and-tested functionalities. Against this backdrop, the CCW app and the exhibition catalogue are no longer required.
  • The system also shows whether someone is currently connected live from Berlin or remotely from elsewhere.

What does the digital CCW platform offer me as a visitor?

The answer is: High-quality digital recommendations on lectures, exhibitors and content as well as networking options for all attendees via matchmaking.

 Together with Coders Unlimited, a smart MarTech company with a focus on the digital transformation of marketing and sales, we have created our digital platform with a focus on high-quality content and networking with the people and companies that are right for you.

  • Valuable content is king. Our filter function ensures that you as the visitor find exactly the topics, products and services that interest you.
  • Our matchmaking tool helps you as a visitor to exchange and network with visitors, exhibitors and speakers who are right for you.
  • Pure networking: A text and video chat that includes making appointments will facilitate your networking.
  • All content can still be accessed on demand one week after the CCW.

How long is the content of the digital CCW platform available?

 The new flexibility: You no longer have to decide for a presentation from the parallel live sessions. Now the lectures are streamed live or will be available as recordings on demand. The digital platform with all content, such as live streams, blogs, podcasts and content from all exhibitors, will still be available for one week after the CCW for all booked visitors and exhibitors of the CCW, and the content can be accessed accordingly.


Welche Hygiene- und Sicherheitsmaßnahmen gelten für die CCW?

Hygiene – Distancing – Protection – Contact Tracing. Together with experts with the ECC Berlin, we have developed an exemplary and already approved guide under which the CCW 2021 can be safely implemented within the context of COVID-19. It is worth knowing that the competent authorities have classified ECC Berlin’s hygiene and safety concept as absolutely exemplary. The entire concept is available HERE as a pdf. A video on hygiene and safety at the ECC Berlin is available here: : Zum ECC Berlin Video.

What visitor capacity does the CCW offer?

The curiosity of all CCW fans for the first summer edition and for our new digital platform will definitely be enormous. For the CCW 2021, a larger event space of around 25,000 m² will be available in the ECC Berlin. This will include outside and/or open-air spaces. We assume that we will be dealing with a live capacity in Berlin of approximately 2,500 – 3,000 visitors per day. With distribution over 3 days of trade shows, we will have a total capacity of 7,500 – 9,000 CCW visitors. Of course, even more visitors are easily possible digitally.

How will the visitors (CCWberlin/CCWdigital) distribute themselves?

Visitors will distribute themselves one way or another. Depending on the situation of the pandemic in summer, visitors will be divided into physical and digital ones. The way things are developing now makes us quite confident for the end of June. After around one and a half years without live encounters, the desire and need for in-person meetings at face-to-face events are stronger than ever. With our approved hygiene and safety concept, we will make this possible again for our industry (HERE). Every visitor is most welcome regardless of his or her taste. Let me give you a tip: A lot can be done digitally, while some things will remain analogue, and that’s probably a good thing. The CCW’s ice cream in summer will surely taste better if it drips onto your hands.

If the CCW in Berlin has to be cancelled, will it take place only digitally?

We currently assume that the CCW will take place in June. Of course, confidence alone is not enough. We are well prepared to experience a safe and successful CCW 2021 in hybrid format. All requirements are being met in an exemplary manner. Anyone who cannot, does not want, or is not allowed to be there in person, can experience the CCW via our brand-new and very smart digital CCW platform.

We have not planned a purely digital CCW. This is also against the backdrop that we have designed the digital platform to complement and expand the physical CCW. In addition to this, many exhibitors are sceptical from their previous experience regarding the real sales benefits of purely digital trade show formats. We do not wish to rule this out completely at this point. Especially since our digital platform has a lot to offer in terms of sales, especially for exhibitors. We will again “finetune” this topic intensively with our advisory boards as well. Please feel free to send us your opinion on this matter. Should anything with the current “Hybrid Only” statement change, we will inform you in good time, by the end of April at the latest.

As the organiser, how do you assess the current situation?

The past and the current year have placed tough demands on most of us, especially the event industry. It is very encouraging to see how we have grown together to meet the ever-new challenges in the best possible way. My sincerest thanks to all exhibitors, partners and CCW fans for this. Special situations always open up new possibilities for all of us, leading the way to new ideas. We look ahead and look forward to working with you in expanding what is tried and tested and in creating new things.

The Mayor of Rostock, Claus Ruhe Madsen, aptly summed up how challenging times are to be mastered: “We should find ways forward together as to how to be and stay safe. One person builds the protective wall and the other sets the sails.” We and our exhibitors are all professionals in the event sector. Together with all partners, we would like to build the protective wall around the CCW in such a way that we can set the CCW summer sails and steer our CCW ship towards a safe and successful CCW with a tailwind and at an excellent speed. Live in Berlin and digitally worldwide.


Where can I register?

You have a choice:

Would you like to register for the trade fair? Then please visit this link: https://www.ccw.eu/en/tickets/trade-show/

Or you can get your VIP ticket for attending the conference with high-calibre speakers. For further information and registration, please visit the following link: https://www.ccw.eu/en/tickets/conference/

Is there a discount for pupils and students?

There certainly is! The trainee day is on the third day of the fair. Vocational school classes can take part in this day free of charge. You can find more information about this and on registering here: https://www.ccw.eu/tickets/azubi-tag/

There is no student discount in that sense. If you are a student and are interested in participating in the trade fair free of charge, you can contact Rainer Wohlgemuth (rainer.wohlgemuth@managementcircle.de).

What does admission cost?

A visit to the trade fair costs EUR 25 for one day and EUR 50 for attending two or three days.

You can pay for your attendance via PayPal when registering or by invoice with subsequent bank transfer.

Online trade fair voucher:

Have you received an online trade fair voucher for visiting the CCW trade fair? The online trade fair voucher can be redeemed online by 28 June 2021 at 11:59 p.m. at https://www.ccw.eu/en/tickets/trade-show/. The online voucher is invalid afterwards and on site.

The cost of attending the conference starts from EUR 1,395.00. For further information, please visit the following link: https://www.ccw.eu/en/tickets/conference/


I would like to become an exhibitor. Where can I find information and a contact person?

You have made the right decision! Every year, CCW is the industry’s meeting place and the perfect platform for getting into discussions with the many visitors. You can find out more regarding your options here: https://www.ccw.eu/en/become-exhibitor-sponsor/

Is there a dress code?

Come as you are! Or to put it another way: business casual is definitely fine.

Is the fair barrier-free?

Yes, access to the exhibition area is barrier-free and there are appropriate sanitary facilities.


How do I get to the CCW?

The CCW is being held in the ECC, Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin.

Many roads lead to the CCW!

The ECC is very easy to reach both by car and public transport:

The slip road to the motorway is just 1.5 km away.

From Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) you can reach the ECC in about 20 minutes – the distance is only 13 km.

There is a taxi rank directly at the Estrel.

If you want to travel by train, the fastest connection to the ECC is from Berlin Südkreuz. From there, it is a 10-minute ride on the S42 to Sonnenallee station (about 5 minutes’ walk to the ECC).

Alternatively, you can also reach the ECC easily from Berlin’s main railway station or Ostbahnhof by public transport via various lines.

For more detailed timetable information, we recommend that you visit the websites of Deutsche Bahn: http://www.bahn.de or Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe http://www.bvg.de.

Travel by train at attractive special rates to the CCW in Berlin with the Management Circle event ticket. Further information: https://www.ccw.eu/bahn/ Attention: only while tickets last!

Can I park on site?

Yes, the ECC has an underground car park with 450 parking spaces. The maximum daily rate for parking spaces is EUR 18.

Alternatively, around 800 car parking spaces are available at Sonnenallee 228 (about 300 m from the ECC) for EUR 9 per day. IMPORTANT: This price is only valid for exhibitors with payment at the ECC reception. If you pay for the ticket at the machine directly at the car park, a daily flat rate of EUR 12.00 will apply.


Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, there is! You can drop off your jackets, bags and smaller suitcases/trolleys there.
You will find the cloakroom after the check-in area on the way to Hall 1.

Good to know: The cloakroom is free of charge for all conference attendees (with voucher).

Where can I drop off my suitcase?

Smaller suitcases can be left in the cloakroom. Please leave larger suitcases in the hotel or in a locker.

How does the entrance procedure work?

For conference attendees:
If you have registered for the conference, innovation and/or inspiration day up to and including 15 June 2021, you will receive your badge in the mail.
If you have to register later, you can pick up your badge and your conference folder at the registration counter.

For trade fair visitors:
If you have registered for the trade fair in advance with a voucher code, you will have received a QR code. You can conveniently redeem the voucher until 28 June 2021 online at https://www.ccw.eu/en/tickets/trade-show/. You can either print it out or bring it with you digitally (by email or, even more conveniently, in an e-wallet). There is a self-service counter at the check-in, where you can scan the QR code and then conveniently receive your badge printed out. If you do not have a QR code, please visit our registration counter, where you will receive your attendee badge.


Who will be the exhibitors?

Search by product area or from A to Z: https://www.ccw.eu/en/exhibitors/#a-z

Where can I find which exhibitor?

With the help of the hall plan you can get an overview of the CCW: https://www.ccw.eu/en/area-map/

Every exhibitor profile is linked there for even easier orientation.

What are CCW’s opening hours?

The opening hours are:

Trade fair:
Tuesday, 29 June 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Wednesday, 30 July 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Thursday, 1 July 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Innovation Day:
Monday, 28 June 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Wednesday, 30 June 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Inspiration Day:
Thursday, 1 July 2021 | 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Is there a trade fair guide or catalogue?

This year, the brand-new digital platform for the first hybrid CCW will replace both the trade fair catalogue and the CCW app.

Is there a CCW app?

Our hybrid platform helps you navigate and orientate yourself on site, and you can also use the platform to vote and participate in the discussion during live voting. The platform offers you a compact overview of the entire trade fair.
As a registered trade fair or conference attendee, you automatically receive access to the platform.

Where is the meeting point for the live tours on Innovation Day?

We will meet at 2:00 p.m. in the hotel lobby.


Will there be food and beverages at the fair?

Yes. There will be a street food market outside the fair, for example, where you can order beverages and food (for a fee). You can also get free coffee at several coffee stations inside.

Lunch is included for conference attendees and stand personnel, which will be served in the business lunch area.

Will vegetarian or vegan dishes also be available?

The street food market will also offer vegetarian dishes. Vegan meals are possible on request.
At the business lunch for conference attendees and the designated stand staff there will also be vegetarian dishes. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients, the ECC staff will be happy to help.


For exhibitors and partners:

The CCW platform will be available for you to enter your content and information six weeks before the event starts. You can easily log in with the login details that you will receive from us as a partner. We will provide you with a tutorial at the same time. The CCW platform will open with a pre-opening from Monday, 28 June 2021. Time for the final checks before the start. The official start including live streams will be 29 June 2021. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

For visitors:

The CCW platform will be ready for you with a pre-opening as of Monday, 28 June 2021. Log in using the data that was sent with your registration confirmation and create your profile. We will provide a tutorial at the same time. Please prepare yourself for the official start of the digital CCW on Tuesday, 29 June 2021. If you have any questions, please call our customer service on +49 (0) 6196 / 47722 – 200 or +49 (0) 6196 / 47722 – 800.


I am unable to attend. What now?

That’s a shame, because you are definitely going to be missing out!

If you are registered for the conference, you can cancel free of charge up to four weeks before the event. In the event of cancellation at a later point in time or in the event of no-show, we will charge the entire attendance fee. It goes without saying that it is possible for there to be a substitute for the registered attendee.

If you are registered for the trade fair and are unable to attend, you can cancel free of charge in writing up to four weeks before the event. If you have registered with a voucher code, please also send a short message to anmeldung@managementcircle.de if you are unable to attend.