Expertin Dr. Steffi Burkhart

Dr. Steffi Burkhart

Human Capital Evangelist and Millenial

Dr. Steffi Burkhart researches and speaks from the perspective of her generation about the future of work and changing social values. She is committed to the needs and wishes of the Millennials generations, the under-35s, who are quantitatively in the minority but qualitatively very important generations.

She knows the pain points of the economy and especially those of its employees and therefore sees herself as a human capital evangelist. She inspires with important impulses, shows new ways of looking at things and provides concrete "quick wins" on how to make your company, your employees and your products successful for the upcoming 20s and 30s.

Other focal points of her work include Gender Equality, Female Shift and positive utopias in society. Especially in times when politics has stopped discussing urgent future issues, it is even more important to do so on all other stages and events.

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