Experte Murtaza Akbar

Murtaza Akbar

Keynote-Speaker, Lecturer and Wording expert

Murtaza Akbar is one of Germany's most experienced word choice experts. With his keynotes, he inspires all around the German vocabulary - and gives impulses for the most valuable communication tool in the world: language. Manager Magazin, FAZ, Spiegel Online, Die Welt and numerous other media report and discuss his theses and studies on language and communication. As a native of Frankfurt with Pakistani roots, he knows very well from his own experience what a far-reaching effect words really have. Murtaza Akbar is a keynote speaker, author, university lecturer and, together with his agency team, has been successfully advising Dax corporations, international market leaders, medium-sized companies as well as public institutions for more than 15 years on questions of word choice as well as corporate and online communication - so that they convince, win and strike the right tone with their language and communication.

"With our choice of words, we can hurt people - or win them over. Whether flirting, talking to customers or on online channels, our words have an enormous impact. Empathy, appreciation and authenticity are crucial. I love to inspire people with great passion for exactly that - for the German language and vocabulary."

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