Total Experience in the Contact Center: The Importance of a Real Value Center

In the digital age, Customer Experience (CX) has never been more important. Customers have high expectations of businesses; expectations for instant contact, over any channel, at any time. But how can a company meet these expectations without changing the entire business structure? The keyword is Total Experience!

Customer Experience is the most important metric of business success

We've all experienced it; google a product or service, and you'll find 30 different suppliers. The prices and contents of the products are almost identical. What will we choose?  With two-thirds of businesses now competing based on customer experience rather than price or product, CX has become one of the most important differentiators for businesses. Customers decide where to spend their money based less on what a business offers, and more on how that business made them feel. The contact center is more important than ever.

Further data reveals that over one-third (35%) of customers are willing to pay more for better service; a trend that has only increased in the past four years. Businesses that want to stay competitive must begin investing in the experiences they offer. The contact center is no longer a reluctant expense for businesses, but a front-line source of value. CX is now the most important metric of business success.

Employee Experience will be key for Customer Experience

A customer-focused mindset is essential, but businesses shouldn’t lose track of their own employees. The ones delivering outstanding CX are agents. If your agents aren’t satisfied, your customer won’t be either. Employee Experience (EX) is equally essential. To attract, retain, and cultivate the best talent, businesses need to make EX a central part of their customer contact strategy.

This dual focus on CX and EX is what Content Guru calls Total Experience (TX). In this article, they will analyze the challenges of delivering connected customer experiences, transforming the contact center into a value center, and harnessing powerful new technologies to deliver TX.

CX + EX = TX: Solving the contact center equation

Enthusiasm is infectious. If your agents are satisfied, your customers will be too. That’s the philosophy at the core of TX. To deliver TX, several challenges must first be overcome.

The first of these challenges is cloud migration. On-premises contact centers are simply too inflexible to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving marketplace. A cloud contact center solution can be instantly updated, accessed from any location, on any internet-enabled device, and is far more cost-effective whilst doing so. With a per-user pricing model, your contact center can add new agents at a moment’s notice to meet any level of concurrent demand.

The second challenge is omni-channel. Digitally adept customers expect to be able to contact you over the channels convenient for them. Whether that’s by phone, SMS, or social media, you must be ready to meet them. If your contact center can’t effortlessly bring contacts from every channel together into a single, blended queue, you can’t deliver outstanding TX.

The final challenge is agent empowerment. To deliver memorable experiences, agents need the tools and data to resolve customer inquiries quickly and effectively. That means presenting the agent with relevant customer data alongside each contact, to boost First Contact Resolution.

Once these challenges are overcome, you can begin to transform your contact center into a value center.

The Solution is the evolution of the value center

Delivering speedy resolutions to your customers is a major source of potential value. Today, customers value experience just as much as they value products. As economic uncertainty continues to bite, customers are forced to make tough decisions about their spending. If you can’t deliver those experiences, you’ll lose out to those businesses that can.

A cloud contact center that equips its agents with the tools to deliver memorable experiences and makes itself available to customers over every channel of contact, can deliver huge value for your business. The contact center has evolved into a value center, and TX is the key to that transformation.

Total Experience becomes reality through technology

Technology makes TX possible. Delivering TX requires scalability – the ability to answer any level of concurrent contacts – and scalability requires automation. AI-backed intelligent automation allows contact centers to create any number of automated Machine Agents at the click of a button. During times of peak demand, simple and repetitive inquiries can be answered automatically, and customers directed toward self-service.

Not only does this make it possible for you to never drop a call, but it also lessens the burden on your agents. Saved from the hassle of answering mundane and repetitive calls, your agents can focus on delivering outstanding experiences and resolving the most complex inquiries. Intelligent automation is transforming both sides of the TX equation and making Total Experience a reality in the contact center.

Total Experience with storm®

With Content Guru’s cloud-based CX solution, storm®, building TX in your contact center is easy. With storm CONTACT™, you can offer true omni-channel contact for your customers. All channels of communication – voice, SMS, social media, and more – can be brought into the DTA® interface, and presented on a single pane of glass for easy resolution.

A cloud-based CX solution not only dramatically reduces the costs of your contact center, but enables flexible working for your agents. By equipping your agents with the tools to succeed, you can create outstanding EX.

With both CX and EX perfected, you can start working toward TX. For every step of that journey, Content Guru stands ready to help.

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