CCW Conference & Trade Show

Meet the pioneers in innovative customer diaglogue

As Europe's largest Conference and trade show for innovative customer dialogue, the CCW offers you exactly the right platform to find out more about forward-looking solutions for outstanding customer service. 

Generative AI is revolutionising customer dialogue. It is now important to redefine the interaction between human and technology in order to create a perfect customer experience across all channels.

The CCW Conference & Trade Show brings together ground-breaking technology, prominent thought leaders and experienced practitioners for you – live in Berlin and digitally online worldwide. Seize this great opportunity to meet the who's who of the industry at the CCW Conference & Trade Show, discuss new trends and revisit old solutions from a new perspective. 

At the CCW Conference & Trade Show you’ll find inspiration for your innovative customer dialogue service. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

Benefits of the CCW Conference & Trade Show:

4 exciting conference days

3 inspiring Trade Show days  

280 high-calibre expert presentations

50 hours of networking

Live in Berlin & digitally online worldwide  

Legendary CCW Party

Discover the CCW Conference & Trade Show for innovative customer dialogue


Experience the pioneers in innovative customer dialogue up close at the CCW Conference. This is where you’ll discover how to ramp up your customer service to peak potential. 

Trade Show

Get a unique international market overview at the CCW Trade Show. It’s where you’ll find the inspiration you need for tomorrow's customer dialogue. 

CCW Kongressmesse Digitale Plattform

Digital CCW

Take part in the CCW Conference & Trade Show virtually via our digital platform or use the online version for on-site navigation. Discover the advantages here. 

To the Digital CCW

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