Experte Udo Schüring

Udo Schüring


"To relieve managers of the fear of change, you can help them by offering a platform for honest exchange of experiences. That´s why I´m so excited for CCW 2024. Digitalization and automation will take customer service to a new level in Germany. This can only work if you don´t forget employees. To implement individual service and sales, employees must be given guidelines for decision making based on various situations."

He is now one of the best-connected personalities in the field of call and contact centres, and both CC managers and manufacturers/solution providers benefit from his first-class contacts.

His credo: professional appearance with complete cluelessness. Udo Schüring claims not to be an expert in any of the topics in the field of customer service. He is a passionate networker and his expertise is that he can help with any topic by knowing someone who knows someone who has the required expertise.

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