Experte Yves Brunschwiler

Yves Brunschwiler

Head of Sales Central Europe | Spotify

In April 2022, Yves Brunschwiler took over the position of Head of Sales, Central Europe at Spotify. As Strategic Senior Sales Lead, he is responsible for developing, evaluating and optimizing the ad sales strategy at Spotify. Brunschwiler is responsible for managing, developing and coaching the Spotify Advertising team to ensure the quality and performance of sales activities across all business units. He works closely with the Head of EMEA to optimize current resources and future-proof the business, and is also responsible for expanding market coverage in the Central Europe region. Prior to joining Spotify, Brunschwiler worked for over 10 years in various roles at Google, most recently as Senior Sales Manager and Head of Performance. Prior to Google, he was Global Internal Auditor at Nestlé.  

Photo: © Bahar Kaygusuz

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