Expertin Emina Biscevic

Emina Biscevic

Senior Regional Manager | Freshworks GmbH

"Acquiring a new customer can cost five to seven times more than retaining an existing one. And here is the secret sauce. You can retain your customers with good - not even excellent - customer service. Why are still many organisations struggling to keep their customer base happy?
Companies that focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences are seeing increased profits and a higher customer lifetime value. Especially this year, I can't wait to attend CCW: generative AI is the major evolution that is transforming how we can better serve our customers, and how we can delight even more our employees.
Is this a threat, an opportunity ? It is our collective responsibility to make it an undisputed opportunity. It's most definitely a game-changer."

Emina Biscevic is Senior Regional Manager at Freshworks GmbH.

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